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Clover Club

Pink, fluffy and fruity


The Clover Club was created in 1908 in a gentlemen's club inside the Philadelphia’s Bellevue-Stratford hotel. This club counted local lawyers, businessmen and politicians among its members. There, they sat back, talked business and drank this pink fluffy number. The gentlemen's club was called, The Clover Club, if you couldn't guess. The Clover Club cocktail all but disappeared for most of the 20th century, until the recipe resurfaced in cocktail books during the cocktail-making renaissance in the early 2000s.

How to make it

1. Start by cracking your egg and separating the egg white from the yolk.
2. Egg white (or Aquafaba) goes in the shaking tin along with all the ingredients.
3. Before adding ice, close your shaking tin and shake for 10-12 seconds. This emulsifies the egg white/Aquafaba with the spirits.
4. Open the tin, add ice, close and shake again for 10-12 seconds. It will want to expand so hold tight!
5. Double strain into the glass and leave it a moment to settle.
6. Garnish with a skewered raspberry or drop one into the foam.

On the nose, you get the light fruits from the syrup/grenadine with a hint of lemon. On tasting, the syrup is actually pretty subtle, it's light and fruity as the citrus comes in. The gin rounds it off at the end with the peppery juniper notes. A brilliant little fluffy number.


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