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Suffering Bastard | Barorder

Suffering Bastard

A cocktail from Egypt


This cocktail has its origins in Cairo in 1942, deep into the Africa battlegrounds of World War II. Joe Scialom, bartender at Shepheard's Hotel Bar created this cocktail, for the troops taking a break from the front line. They liked it very much and it served as a welcome break from the desert battlegrounds. The story goes that troops began ordering this concoction to be delivered to the front lines - those poor suffering bastards.

How to make it

1. Add all your ingredients, minus the ginger beer, into your shaking tin and add crushed ice
2. Shake it up for 10 seconds and pour everything into a fun glass or mug
3. Top up with the Ginger beer and more crushed ice if needed
4. Garnish with fun things such as, mint, orchids, pineapple fronds and a straw

It's SO good, much like a mule drink - you get a lot of ginger up front. The bourbon and gin are pretty mellow in this. So easy to drink, the woody and barrel notes come through the more we drink. Further down the gin comes into play. Just a delight.


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