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Whiskey Sour | Barorder

Whiskey Sour

A generational favourite


First print of this classic cocktail is found in Jerry Thomas' book: The Bartenders Guide, printed in 1862. Like so many cocktails though, it's likely sailors created this drink. Throughout the 1800s scurvy was a killer to sailors lacking Vitamin C and surviving on poor quality drinking water. To combat these Maritime issues, sailors began taking lemons and limes aboard. Disliking the raw taste of lemon and lime juice, the inventive sailors began mixing it with whiskey, and a sour style cocktail was born!

How to make it

1. Add all your ingredients into your shaking tin
2. If your using egg white or aquafaba close your shaking tin (before adding ice) and shake for 10-12 seconds
3. Add ice to your shaking tin and shake for another 10-12 seconds – be careful, it will want to expand! Hold tight!
4. Double strain into the glass. You should have a nice foamy layer on top
5. Spritz a lemon twist over the top and add 3 drops of bitters into the foam. If you’re being fancy take a cocktail skewer and drag it through the bitters and you’ll make these lovely hearts.

On the nose it's spicy and fresh, really bright and citrusy. On tasting you get lemon up front followed by the barrel notes and spice from the bourbon - get a quality bourbon for this one. A timeless classic here. Just lovely and one of our favourites.


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