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Improved Japanese Cocktail | Barorder

Improved Japanese Cocktail

Spoiler: It’s not Japanese


We first find print of the Japanese Cocktail in Jerry Thomas' famous bartending guide "How to Mix Drinks" printed in 1862. This cocktail has firm classic status. It's not from Japan, though. It's thought Jerry created it to mark the first Japanese diplomatic mission to the USA, in 1860. Allegedly, the mission was hosted in a hotel just a block away from Jerry's bar and throughout their trip, the diplomats ventured in for American drinks. So, why the 'Improved' Japanese Cocktail? Well, throughout the last 150 years multiple bartenders have updated Jerry' specs to reflect modern tastes. The original had much more syrup. Modern or 'improved' versions are more spirit-forward with a greater cognac to syrup ratio. We like the cognac coming through strong!

How to make it

1. Add all ingredients into a shaking tin and add ice
2. Shake for 10-12 seconds
3. Double strain into your glass

On the nose this one is fruity and zesty. It's all about a quality cognac and orgeat - make both of them great ones! See our recommendations above. On tasting this is such an easy drink to like, it tart and sweet - a perfect blend. All backed up by warming cognac, adding some fruits and grapes to the show. Super easy to make and easy to drink. If you leave it a while the syrup begins to form a layer so just give it a swirl - not that it will last that long!


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