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El Diablo (The Devil) | Barorder

El Diablo (The Devil)

A perfect Halloween cocktail.


El Diablo is a classic Tequila cocktail dating back to 1946. Print can be found in Trader Vic’s Book of Food and Drink. Before Prohibition in the States, this drink wasn’t really popular outside of Mexico. But in the 40s, people began mixing with anything they could get their hands on and Tequila became very popular. The ‘Buck’ also became very popular. A ‘Buck’ is a style of drink that includes a base spirit plus citrus, lengthened with a ginger beer or ginger ale.

How to make it

1. Add the Tequila and Lime juice into a shaking tin. Keep the lime half and turn it inside out, so it forms a little cup
2. Add a little scoop of ice and shake for 5 seconds, just to chill
3. Pour into a tall drinking glass and stack some ice cube all the way up, leaving a little room at the top
4. Add your ginger beer to the glass, again leaving some room at the top
5. Add a straw and place the lime cup on top, fill the cup with the Creme de Cassis
6. You can now tip the lime cup with your straw and watch the Creme de Cassis fall through the drink.

On the nose you get sweet lime and berries from the liqueur. On tasting the Tequila and Lime are punchy and tart, then the sweetness comes at the end. Really refreshing and citrussy.This drink is a brilliant base and method for some other combos. Not a fan of Tequila? Swap this out for your favourite rum, it works great. Love a Bramble or G&T? Swap in Gin, Lemon and Tonic for the base and add a Creme de Mures for the liqueur.


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