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Banana Daiquiri Take #653 | Barorder

Banana Daiquiri Take #653

Boozy banana smoothie


This cocktail was featured on the menu at the Archipelago bar in Washington DC upon opening and has remained a firm favourite ever since!

How to make it

1. Grab a liquidiser for this one
2. Cut your banana in half, saving the stem end (we’re going to make a dolphin)
3. Into the liquidiser, add your spirits (minus the bitters) and half the banana with a scoop of crushed ice and blend until slushy
4. Pour into a glass or a mug and top with a dash of bitters and a straw
5. Garnish with anything you like

It’s great to drink at this point! If you want to add the dolphin, here’s how:

1. Using the top half of the banana you’ve saved, split the stalk in half to form a mouth. Hold it open with a cocktail cherry. Cloves work well for the eyes.
2. If you’re really going for it, use Pineapple fronds to make the fins – you might just need to cut into the banana first.

On the nose it's frosty and fresh, you get the rum and a hit of banana. On tasting, really, it's a banana smoothy with a hit of rum at the end. This is a beach bar cocktail from your holidays! A really fun one but dangerous. The rum is cleverly disguised here. An absolutely delicious drink for summer, BBQs and holiday vibes.


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