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Juliet And Romeo | Barorder

Juliet and Romeo

A beautiful drink


This is a modern cocktail, created in 2007 by Toby Maloney bartending at The Violet Hour in Chicago. It is printed in his book, The Bartender's Manifesto published in 2022. Its perfumed, balanced and gives us a Pimms vibe.

How to make it

1. Drop 3 slices of cucumber into your shaking tin, with a small pinch of salt. Give it a muddle, about 5-10 presses until it’s broken down (but not slush)
2. Add the gin, lime juice, syrup, aquafaba and rose water to the shaking tin, with ice
3. Shake hard for 10-15 seconds
4. Double strain into the glass. If you’re using aquafaba you should have a little foamy layer on top – let it settle
5. To garnish, place a mint leaf and add 3 drops of bitters around it to represent health, wealth and happiness

On the nose this one is really perfumed and light. The rose and lime come through with cucumber. This one is a perfect summer drink. On tasting, its sweet lime and cucumber up front ending in the peppery and herbal notes from the gin. Tastes nothing like it but we get a vibe of Pimms from this - if you're after a boozy summer drink, this might just be it.


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