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Ancient Mariner

Tiki at its best


The Ancient Mariner was created by Jeff ‘Beachbum’ Berry in 1994. He created it as a riff on his favourite ‘tiki’ style drink, Navy Grog created by Trader Vic. Navy Grog is itself a riff on an earlier drink. There’s a lot of riffs in ‘Tiki’ cocktails! When looking up the ingredients for Navy Grog to draw inspiration, he hit a deadend. The recipe included ingredients like ‘Trader Vic’s Rum’ and ‘Trader Vic’s Mix’, not helpful, so he had to start from scratch. The Ancient Mariner he created is a punchy and citrusy mix of ‘Tiki’ flavours and spirits. The grapefruit and lime brightens the deep notes of high-proof rum and allspice dram. It’s one of our favourites.

How to make it

1. Add all the ingredients into a shaking tin
2. Add a little scoop of crushed ice and shake until most, if not all, the ice is gone
3. Pour into the drinking glass a fill with crushed ice, careful not to over-dilute – this one should be punchy!
4. Garnish with mint sprigs, pineapple fronds, lime wedges – whatever looks good!
5. Add a straw too

On the nose you get the light and bright hit of lime. On tasting you get so many flavours! The bright lime hits you right away with a hint of sweetened grapefruit. It quickly turns to deep baking spice notes from the dram. Afterwards you’re left with caramel and funky notes, depending on your rum! It’s a punchy drink but a great tropical sipper, from a brilliant cocktail category. You should make some ‘Tiki’ cocktails!


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