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Old Fashioned

The cocktail that started it all.


The old fashioned is one of, if not the, oldest cocktails. As with most classic cocktails the origin is unclear, so let's not let the truth spoil this story. The first published definition of a cocktail came in 1806 as a 'stimulating' drink comprised of spirit, bitters, sugar and water. It was originally referred to as 'the whiskey cocktail' for several decades. It may have also been a traditional morning drink, to help open your eyes. We do not recommend drinking this in the morning! As other spirits entered existence, the simple whiskey cocktail fell out of fashion. Throughout Prohibition it was mixed with a panoply of fruits, likely to disguise the poor quality spirits circulating illegally at that time. It fell out of fashion again in the 70s and 80s when vodka cocktails were all the rage. Fortunately, the renaissance of cocktails and craft spirits have brought this incredible drink and simple specs back into the limelight.

How to make it

1. This one is all spirit so we’re stirring
2. Add the bourbon, syrup and bitters into your mixing glass with ice
3. Stir for about 30 seconds or until you see frost/condensation building up on the mixing glass
4. Strain into your drinking glass. Add a large ice cube (or a few depending on what you have)
5. Garnish with a twist of orange or skewered with a cocktail cherry

On the nose it's sweet and woody with caramel and orange notes. On tasting it's so smooth and relaxing, spicy Rye or punchy Bourbons work well in this one - they stand up to the dilution and syrups. It is 'the' original cocktail for a reason.


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