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Margarita | Barorder


A beach classic


The Margarita is thought to be a variation on a Spanish drink called the Daisy. A Daisy is made with Brandy, citrus and a liqueur. A Margarita was created by subbing Tequila into these simple specs and it became an instant hit. As you might expect, it's not definitively known exactly where and when the Margarita was created, other than somewhere in Mexico. Tequila brand Jose Cuervo note the Margarita's creation was in honour of Mexican showgirl Rita de la Rosa in 1938. One of the earliest stories we can find noted its creation, also in 1938, in a restaurant called Rancho La Gloria in Baja California. It was created for a customer called Marjorie King, a former Ziegfeld dancer.

How to make it

1. Get a wedge of lime and rub it around half the rim of a glass
2. Dip the glass into sea salt sticking it to the half that has lime oils. This is optional but it works really well, especially with Mezcal.
3. Add all ingredients to a shaking tin
4. Add ice and shake for 8-10 seconds
5. Double strain over ice in your glass
6. Garnish with a lime wheel or wedge

We use Mezcal in our Margaritas so on the nose we get smoke and lots of it. That is followed by lime and slight note of orange from the curacao. On tasting, we get a grassy, slightly vegetal smoky taste from the Mezcal. The sweet lime and rich orange finish, balancing each other out brilliantly. If you're drinking through the salt this really pops the lime and adds elongates the finishing orange and lime taste.


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