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Barorder | Get Started Making Cocktails At Home

Get started making some truly amazing drinks

Want to make pro-level cocktails at home, but not sure where to begin?

We’ve been there. We’ll help you get started. Let’s distill the basics and then introduce some simple – but effective! – starter recipes.

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Fundamentals of a great cocktail


We're building an amazing spirit range perfect for cocktail making or enjoying neat over the rocks.


Sweetens, balances and provides texture to your drink. Making your own is super-quick, easy and cheap.


It's the 'salt & pepper' in your drink. It introduces new flavours and complexity into your cocktails.


Freshly squeezed citrus is essential. We're not greengrocers, please bring your own lemons and limes.


Already have some spirits at home?

Fantastic! Most of us have some Gin, RumVodka or Whisky in the cupboard. Here are four quality recipes to get you started making cocktails, pairing your existing bottles with just one ‘modifying’ spirit. 

*plus some citrus and syrup.


Get started

Gin kicking around?

Paired with Creme de Mure you can make an incredible Bramble. Think a boozy and tart G&T with sweet blackberries

It’s delightful.

Why isn't the Rum gone?!

One of our personal favourites here, straight off the beach. A Mai Tai

If you have a great Rum, get yourself an Orange Curacao.

Tropical, boozy, rich and tart. It’s just wonderful.

Got Vodka?

You may have had an Espresso Martini. Perhaps not with Mr. Blacks Cold Brew Coffee Liquor and a Demerara syrup? 

Deep, rich and oaky with a little caramel and toffee. 

The best Espresso Martini you’ve ever had.

Have a great Whisky?

We love Whisky neat as much as the next person. But a little note of toffee, spices and orange mixed in there is just lovely! 

Time for an Old Fashioned.

A great showcase of bitters working really hard in a cocktail.

Get started making cocktails, like a pro.

We’ve built a ‘starter bar’ for awesome cocktails from the get-go. Inside are 7 bottles to make a minimum of 6 different cocktails, multiple rounds of each of course! From the box you can make:

  • The cocktail that started it all, an Old Fashioned.
  • Three big hitters, Martini, Manhattan and a Daiquiri
  • Two you may not have tried before, the Queen’s Park Hotel Super Cocktail and a Scofflaw