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Shockingly, the origin of the Martini is as debated and mysterious as many of its classic 1800 counterparts. It is generally accepted that it was a riff on the Manhattan, the first (although that's also debated) drink to mix spirits and vermouth. The Martini's direct ancestor is thought to be the Martinez first published in Jerry Thomas' Bartenders Guide published in 1887 - we'll feature that one soon. The Martinez combined gin and sweet vermouth among other spirits. It's thought inspiration from the Martinez and Manhattan gave the Martini its origin. Other stories suggest a bartender named Martin invented it! Who knows...

How to make it

1. This one is all spirit and no citrus so we’ll stir – don’t listen to 007!
2. Add the Gin, Vermouth and Bitters into your mixing glass and top up with ice
3. Stir for 30 seconds as quickly as you can to chill it right down. Try to move the ice as one while stirring. Weird tip, using a chopstick works perfectly!
4. Strain into a Martini glass
5. Garnish with a lemon twist or an olive

On the nose it's candied orange from the bitters. A light note of the botanicals from the gin and vermouth. On tasting, it's orange up front giving way to a spicy (use a great gin) and peppery taste from the botanicals. It's soft and has a silky texture to it. A great stiff drink this one, very refreshing and relaxing. Super chilled out sipping.


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