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G&T + Blackberries, oh boy!


Legendary bartender Dick Bradsel does it again with this one. Created in 1984 it's one of few drinks to emerge from the 80s that is labelled a 'modern classic.' Created while working at Fred's Club in Soho, inspired by a Cobbler and Gin Sour, the Bramble was born. An incredible mix of botanicals and the most amazing blackberry liqueur. He considered it an English version of a Singapore Sling, meaning this cocktail is created only from English ingredients. It reminded him of growing up on the Isle of Wight and picking blackberries in his childhood.

How to make it

1. Add the Gin, Lemon juice and syrup into a shaking tin with a little scoop of crushed ice
2. Shake for 10 seconds and open-pour everything into the glass
3. Top the glass with crushed ice – careful not to dilute too much
4. Pour the Creme de Mure all over the top and watch as it sinks and marbles through the ice
5. Garnish with a lemon wheel placed in the ice, top with some blackberries and throw in a straw

Our tasting team were on form for this one. They muttered something about Seamus Heaney being naughty with blackberries?! Anyway, blackberry on the nose, autumnal notes and the summer. It's super fresh and light, peppery and herbal from the gin. On tasting, a long pause gripped our tasters, "oh yeah, that is smooth!" Sweet blackberries and punchy G&T vibes, it tastes like an ice lolly. This one is so good! Perfect for summer or autumn. Really citrusy turning to perfumed blackberry and finishing with a peppery punch from the gin.


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