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Queen's Park Swizzle | Barorder

Queen’s Park Swizzle

Love a Mojito? Try this.


This incredible cocktail was mixed for the Queen's Park Hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Opening in 1895 this drink was likely on the menu at its opening and took its guests by storm. This luxury hotel was a destination for America's wealthy around the turn of the century. We think it likely this cocktail was a big part of the draw. Sadly, the Queen's Park Hotel is gone but this incredible drink lives on.

How to make it

1. This one is super easy and fun to make. It’s built straight in the glass you’ll be drinking from
2. Into your glass, add mint leaves and give them a little press with your bar spoon – this releases some oils
3. Next, in the glass, add your rum, lime juice and syrup
4. Put your bar spoon in the glass and fill 3/4 full with crushed ice
5. Now for the swizzle. Take the handle of the bar spoon between your hands and spin the spoon in the glass, like you’re trying to make a fire with a wooden stick! The drink will slosh around and make the glass frosty
6. Do this for about 10-15 seconds
7. Remove your spoon and top up your glass with more crushed ice. Dash the bitters over the ice creating those beautiful layers and colours
8. Garnish with mint and throw in a straw

On the nose this one is minty and limey. Scorched caramel from the rum and Demerara syrup come through too. On tasting, this is deep and rich, sweet and limey all with a mint perfume. If you like a Mojito, you have to try this. An amazing drink from a beautiful country.


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