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It doesn’t cure Scurvy


It is hard to find concrete evidence of the origins of the Mojito - most of the stories are folklore. So here’s our favourite. In 1586, Sir Francis Drake went to pillage Cuba. By the time he arrived, he and his crew members were all suffering from scurvy. Allegedly, one of his crew members went to shore in search of medicinal herbs. They returned with lime, mint and sugarcane juice. He mixed this up with Aguardiente de Caña, a harsh clear spirit, into a drink they called ‘El Draque’. They all drank it and loved it. Allegedly, the natives of Cuba picked up on this creation. They liked it too, in fact they drank it for the next 300 years. Then Bacardi came on the scene, swapped out the Augardiente for rum - and the Mojito was born. This is likely BS but what a story! First print of the Mojito can be found in the 1920sThere are so many Mojito recipes out there with different quantities and ingredients. This recipe is true to the classic Mojito specs of rum, lime, mint, sugar and soda water but a couple tweaks makes this a really good one! It’s easy to make and built right in the glass you’re drinking from.

How to make it

1. Add the mint leaves into the glass and use a bar spoon to rub the oils all over the inside of the glass
2. Cut the lime half into quarters and drop into the glass with the syrup
3. Use a muddler to press the lime, mint and syrup into a pulp. 5-6 presses will be plenty
4. Add the rum and top with crushed ice
5. Stir the cocktail to mix everything in and work the lime wedges throughout the glass
6. Top with Soda water
7. Garnish with mint and add a straw

On the nose it’s sweet, limey and minty. On tasting you get the caramel and oaky notes from the syrup and rum. The Demerara syrup adds way more flavour and complexity than a simple syrup. The combination of the Demerara and a really good rum stands up to the mint, lime and dilution. You should be able to taste the rum!


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