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Revolver | Barorder


Love bourbon, love coffee?


Created in San Francisco by John Santer in 2004, the Revolver is a brilliantly simple but punchy cocktail. It became very popular at the Bourbon & Branch bar, also in San Francisco throughout the 00's. Often compared to a Manhattan, we actually think of it as a riff on an Old Fashioned. The whiskey is accented brilliantly by the coffee liqueur with a hint of orange. It's a strong and punchy sipping cocktail.

How to make it

1. Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass
2. Add ice and stir for 30 seconds until chilled
3. Strain into your drinking glass, removing the ice
4. Garnish with a twist of orange, or flame the oils over the top

On the nose we get the classic wood and barrel notes from the whiskey with a little sweetness followed up by rich coffee. On tasting we get the a note of coffee upfront and throughout, Mr. Black works great in this drink! The whiskey is actually pretty subtle but you get the sweet notes from it at the end. A really great Old Fashioned variation, simple to make but gives complex flavours.


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