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Espresso Martini | Barorder

Espresso Martini

A drink to ‘wake you up and fcuk you up’


This cocktail was created by famous bartender Dick Bradsel in the early eighties. The story goes that a supermodel entered the Soho Brasserie where Dick was working at the time. She asked for a drink that would "wake me up and fcuk me up". Seeing a coffee machine next to him, he combined an espresso with vodka to make the Vodka Espresso. Serving it in a martini glass gave this cocktail its famous name. Who was the model? Like most cocktail histories, it's inconclusive. We've done some reading into this and the two names most commonly mentioned are Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss - who knows. Naomi, Kate, if you're reading this perhaps you can get in touch thx.

How to make it

1. Add all the ingredients into the shaking tin. Use the espresso while it’s hot (it goes super bitter if you leave it to cool)
2. Add ice to the shaking tin and shake hard for 10-12 seconds
3. Double strain into the glass and leave it a moment to settle. If you used hot espresso and good solid ice cubes, you’ll have a lovely foamy layer on top
4. Garnish with 3 coffee beans or a dusting of cocoa powder

On the nose, it's all coffee! Deep and roasty ‘nuff said. On tasting, it's airy and bubbly. Coffee up front with the heat of the vodka closely following. A scorched caramel taste comes just at the end from the syrup. An elevated Espresso Martini, more complex than most.


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