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Between The Sheets | Barorder

Between The Sheets

A Sidecar with Gin!


There are a couple places the Between The Sheets cocktail could have originated. Typically, being a classic cocktail, it's hard to pinpoint an exact source. The drink evolved from a Sidecar's specs and originally called for a dash of white rum or Benedictine - depending on your source. One origin story puts the invention of this cocktail in Paris, specifically Harry’s New York Bar in the 1930s. Another origin is located in 1921 London at the Berkeley Hotel. However, Charles H. Baker the traveling drinks writer, claims to have been served this cocktail in Jerusalem’s King David Hotel. A quick pit stop while he was waiting for violence in the street to subside. This version contained Gin with the traditional sidecar specs and is the version we know today.

How to make it

1. Add all the ingredients into a shaking tin
2. Add ice and shake for 10-12 seconds
3. Double strain into a chilled glass
4. Garnish with a fancy twist of Lemon peel

A lot of lemon up front as you’d expect from the fancy garnish. On tasting this you immediately get lemon giving way to rich orange and a dry crisp finish from the cognac. The gin perfumes this drink and lightens it up/ It’s bright, crisp tart and a little sweet. A perfect summary alternative to the Sidecar.


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