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Piña Colada | Barorder

Piña Colada

Yes, I like Piña Coladas!


An incredible tropical cocktail here, straight from your last holiday! The Piña colada was first mixed in Puerto Rico - in fact, we hear it's their national drink now. It was created by bartender Ramón Marrero at the iconic Caribe Hilton hotel's Beachcomber Bar in 1954. We believe it was originally a tropical alcohol-free drink, until somebody said "you should put some rum in that." Thank you, somebody!

How to make it

1. This one is great as a slushy-style drink, so have a hand-blender ready
2. Add all your ingredients into a shaking tin with a couple scoops of crushed ice
3. Grab a hand blender (or put the whole thing into a liquidiser) and blend up until slushy.
4. Pour into your cocktail glass, add a straw
5. Garnish with pineapple fronds, pineapple wedges and a cherry

Tip time, grab a great dark rum and float it on top, just a dash!

On the nose it's all pineapple. On tasting, it's a smoothy! An incredibly boozy and fresh smoothy! It's all pineapple and creamy sweet coconut. It's a dangerous one, the rum is disguised. You don't realise how much rum is in here!


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