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Queen’s Park Swizzle

Tropical origins, swizzled and from the Caribbean – now that sounds like the makings of a great cocktail! The Queen’s Park Swizzle drinks like a Mojito, bring this lesser-know Trinidadian gem back into the limelight. This one is easy to make, pair these spirits with a lime and a demerara syrup.


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Tropical origins, swizzled and from the Caribbean. The Queen’s Park Swizzle has the ingredients of a great cocktail. Trader Vic, a notable tropical drink creator said “this is the most delightful form of anaesthesia given out today” – he loved it. If you like a Mojito, you should try this. It’s like a Mojito but with dark rum providing sweet caramel flavour and bitters giving more spice and cinnamon notes. Plus, you get to swizzle this so have a sturdy glass and surface to work on. We have two great spirits to make this. We have chosen Diplomatico for its dark chcolate and oaky flavours that play perfectly with the cinnamon from Fee Brothers. Diplomatico is from Venezuela, the QP Swizzle was born in Trinidad but we just love Diplomatico in this cocktail, forgive us.

More on these spirits

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum is a truly exquisite and luxurious Venezuelan sipping rum created at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela. Reserva Exclusiva is created from a blend of 20% light rums and 80% heavy pot still rums. This gives it a rich, velvety texture and makes it the perfect after- dinner sipper. Family-owned in Venezuela, Diplomático controls its production process from field to bottle with a care for the local environment and people. It has been recognised for its sustainable practices. A blend of exclusive rum reserves aged for up to 12 years in a variety of cask types. It has notes of dark chocolate, coffee, orange peel, spiced fruit cake and liquorice.

Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Bitters are an essential component of well-balanced cocktails. They round out the flavours and provide new notes adding complexity to your drinks. Want to up your game? Get some cocktail bitters. These old fashioned bitters are widely-used in many cocktails, they add baking spices, cinnamon notes and richness to your drinks. Perfect in any and all cocktails!



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