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Mai Tai

Sweet, limey, tropical and full of Rum – the Mai Tai might be the perfect tropical drink! We have selected two great spirits to get a Mai Tai in front of you. This Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum is special, it’s high proof and packed with the ripe fruit and spice notes referred to as ‘funk’ in Jamaican rums. This combo makes an amazing Mai Tai, just pair these bottles with a lime and some Orgeat.


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The Mai Tai is one of our favourites here at barorder. Boozy, tropical and full of Rum – what’s not to like. Tropical or ‘tiki’ style drinks are a chance to experiment with rums and learn about different styles and flavour combos. Mai Tai’s call for a Jamaican Rum and Rhum Agricole, traditionally. To get you going though, we have chosen a really flavourful and high-proof rum – that works brilliantly solo in this drink. To get some Mai Tais in front of you, go for 2oz of this rum and forgo the rum agricole. This is a quality rum and curacao combo.Smith & Cross Jamaica Rum represents the distinctively flavourful and aromatic style that made Jamaican rum famous. Containing only heavier bodied Wedderburn and medium bodied Plummer pot still distillates, famous for their notes of exotic fruits and spice and fermented using a local strain of yeast indigenous to Jamaica, Smith & Cross delivers a tour de force of flavour and complexity that historically made Jamaica Rum a cornerstone of many classic drinks. Here, this blend is approximately equal parts Wedderburn and Plummer, the former aged for less than a year, and the latter blended from rums that have spent between 18 months and 3 years in white oak barrels. This rum is blended at 57% ABV ( or 100° English proof). This was the traditional strength required by the British Royal Navy. At this proof a spill of the spirits would not prevent gunpowder from igniting!Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao was crafted in collaboration with cocktail historian David Wondrich and based on a 19th century recipe, this Curacao is a traditional French style ‘triple-sec.’ It’s a must for cocktails and features in so many great recipes from classics to tropical cocktails. Three separate nectars are expertly crafted and blended: 1st – peels of bitter Lahara Oranges are infused then distilled, 2nd – a ‘vegetal infusion’ of a secret blend of botanicals, fruits and spices, 3rd – divine toasted and aged sugar. After resting in wooden vats, master blenders combine these 3 nectars together with the addition of Ferrand Grande Champagne Cognac. The final blend is then aged in small French oak barrels for several months with the addition of a small quantity of bitter Lahara Orange peels. Et Voila! 


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