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Espresso Martini

Coffee with firepower! Roasty, chocolatey and punchy, the Espresso Martini is a drink you must try. We’ve chosen these spirits specifically for this one. If you love coffee, you need to try it with this Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur. You can find the recipe below, just pair these spirits with a great espresso and demerara syrup.


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Two great spirits for an incredibly popular and delicious cocktail, the Espresso Martini. We have selected Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka for its velvet texture and clean taste. Mr. Black Cold Brew coffee liqueur is just fantastic in this drink. Deep roasted coffee, a true coffee-lovers addition to this cocktail. We have used many spirits in our Espresso Martinis but these are standout! You can find the recipe below. To make a killer Espresso Martini try it with a Demerara Syrup – toffee and caramel notes galore.More on these spirits.The Ramsbury distillery lies in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside surrounded by the ingredients which makes their Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka. Every element is harvested from the estate, from the trees that fuel the bio-mass boiler to the winter wheat, selected from a single field, which is proudly displayed on every bottle. The vodka starts its journey on the Ramsbury estate as Horatio wheat, it is then distilled through a 43-plate copper still, creating an exceptional super-premium spirit. The result is an elegant, medium bodied and silky-smooth vodka with aromas of dried fruits, cocoa and layers of caramel.Australian wheat vodka – and a touch of cane sugar – gives Mr Black Coffee Liqueur its kick, but allows the coffee to shine. Mr Black is brewed slowly, using purified cold water, to retain the delicate and complex flavours of the coffees. Nothing fake, nothing artificial. Coffees are brought to the roasters and distillery in Erina, Australia. It’s an art and a science, and it’s all done in-house. The final brew is a bittersweet masterpiece of big flavour, balanced sweetness and an enduring coffee kick. Drink on the rocks or in cocktails.


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